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Ab Lounge 2

The Ab Lounge 2 Abdominal Exercise machine is a revolutionary new ab machine that tightens and tones upper and lower abs and obliques faster than you ever imagined possible! The machine works your abdominal muscles with a fuller range of motion than crunches or sit-ups, and the fuller the range, the longer your abs are toning and tightening. The Ab Lounge 2 also strengthens your back muscles where your functional strength originates. A stronger core gives you greater everyday strength, with less strain on your body and back. Built to last with a rolled steel frame, the Ab Lounge 2 can support up to 250 lbs. Includes a workout video and healthy eating guide filled with diet tips and recipes.

Tightens and tones upper and lower abs and obliques

Works abdominal muscles with fuller range of motion

Strengthens back muscles

Includes workout video and healthy eating guide

Rolled steel frame supports up to 250 lb.

Testing proves it is more effective than standard bent knee crunches

Supports your body, head, neck and back through the entire exercise

Floor-based position helps you experience total range of motion




Customer Testimonies

I have had the AB Lounge 2 for about a year now and I love it. It is easy to use and the video it comes with is quick and offers extra steps at the end of each move that advanced users can benefit from. I am definitely a beginner but I have found that I can definitely feel something but ONLY if I do it right. You should breathe in when coming up and out when contracting your abs and try not to use your legs, arms, or neck to pull you into the crunch, just like with regular crunches. I can't say that I have had any truly amazing results using it only occasionally, but when I use it several times a week in combination with a low calorie diet and other exercise, I can see a small different in just a week or less.


Aloha from Hawaii, I use the Ab Lounge at the fitness club I go to and it does burn, I use it 3 different ways for my upper, lower abs and one way for my hips. I do 3 reps of 25 for all 3 parts of my body. I have seen a result in using this product and it's only been 3 weeks. The key is to do the exercise until you feel the burn, the ab lounge is used to help you do situps easier. All of the women using it feels the burn. It works from the muscles inside to the outside of your stomach. Remember the more muscle you have inside will burn the fat and calories you intake, so you will not see results until the inside shapes up. Also, wearing a sauna belt really helps with burning off inches while working out and walking.

Yes, it really does work!! I bought the AB Lounge 2. I have only used it a few times but am seeing a difference already. I am normally a thin person but am 45 and getting a little thicker around the waist and have the pooch that says "I have 2 children". I am already seeing my side pooches slimming down and my abs...upper and lower are definately getting flatter and showing more definition. I have only used my AB Lounge every other day for 2 weeks. The first time I used it I had a hard time doing just 10. Now I can do 150... I do fifty, stop for 15 min., do 50 more, wait 15 min and do 50 more. I am tired afterward but can really feel it. The second set of 50 is hard to do and the last set really burns. The results have definately shown me that it works!! I do get a little dizzy if I tip back too far, so I put a small pillow under my head and now I don't have that problem. I tore a muscle and ligament in my mid back 2 years ago and trying to do regular crunches is impossible. The AB Lounge 2 is perfect and supports my back totally yet I can really feel the workout in my abs. I highly recommend it. My husband told me he noticed it was working.


I've had my AB Lounge 2 for a month. I am thin but wanted to lose the flab "love handles" on my hips and firm up my tummy. I'm only using it 3 times per week and I have gotten visible results. To get a burn, you should do the pulse action. I'm in my 40's but used a product similar to this in my 20's. It worked then and it works now. For those of you who say its not working, I would say: there is no miracle treatment for fat. You have to eat right and firm up your muscles. This type of exercise does not burn fat! You have to burn more calories than you consume to remove fat. This exercise is for muscle toning, and we know that muscle tissues is more effective at utilizing the fat in our out diets.




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