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Tuesday 19 April  14.00 EST  

Height: 5ft 7.5",

Weight Now: 154 pounds,

Waist: 31.0"

Body fat: 7.3% 

I have managed to gain back my lost muscle that I had lost during my vacation, I increased my carbohydrate intake by eating brown rice once a day, this not only gave me an extra boost in energy during all my workouts but has helped build me back up. In a way I feel slightly pumped up, blown up could be another way of putting it, although no water retention has gone into the stomach area and therefore my abs are clearly visible and on show. My lower abs are now visible and a six pack is there, the abs are solid and never have I had a stomach that feels so solid, I could have a medicine ball dropped on my belly now from 5ft above and it would just bounce of without doing any harm. Then again I have carried out so many ab exercises over the past 9 weeks that it is no wonder that my abs are solid.

I am totally satisfied with the current results so far, although every so often I do look at the models on and think "now that is a real set of abs" but I keep getting told that what I have so far achieved up to the start of week 10 is completely satisfactory as far as my six pack goals, well, maybe I want that little bit more, but then once I achieve that little bit more, I'll want even more, and what's wrong with that I say? Nothing! That’s because once your goal is achieved, the best thing to do is set another, then another and another, this is how real results are gained.

In two weeks from now my body appearance may not change to much from this week, an eight pack would of been great, and if I twist around a little in different lighting and tense my muscles an eight pack can be seen, but the six pack I have is there all day and every day, I am now at the stage where I do not have to tense my ab muscles up to get my six pack through, due to all the transverse ab exercise I do by exhaling all my air and pulling in my stomach and then tensing my abs, my stomach is always tight, sucked in naturally and solid, even when sitting down now in a chair, there is no need for me to tighten my abs other then what is now carried out naturally, In a way I seem to be always tucked in, If sitting down and looking down at my stomach, it is now completely flat, no more tires, no more rolls of belly, just a flat stomach and some creased up skin at the lower of the stomach in-between the lower to abs and the middle two.

Although I have two more weeks left, I am still going to continue training hard, hitting those abs like there's no tomorrow, and making them rock solid and the bigger the better. I hope I can continue these routines for the next year and achieve amazing abs, currently, I feel like my abs are to small, but in the space of the past 9 weeks, with the combination of the cardio and ab workouts I have burnt off that unwanted fat and at the same time been building up my abs, what I will switch to after the 12 weeks is up, is to continue doing the cardio to maintain my lean figure but to build up a little more in the ab area. It looks like this cannot be rushed, although I have wanted great abs in 12 weeks, this I have I have I have been told as this is already what I have every one keeps telling me, but when I look down, all I want is bigger abs, I guess we all get this feeling whether wanting big biceps, big chest or shoulders, once we achieve a level which we would have been satisfied with months ago, we then want more, I guess there is nothing wrong with this, just means we have to train harder, eat healthy and push ourselves to the limit during the cardio workouts.

If I had not carried out the amount of cardio that I have done, then these abs I have would never of been achieved, If I had not eaten my six meals a day and in small portions then my abs would not of been achieved, all these small items put together have given me these results to date. Most importantly we need the support from our partners, family and friends and keep a strong mind with one goal and target.

Over the next week I will slightly increase my carb intake once more by increasing the whole wheat's, since last week I seem to off lost extra body fat but maintained the same weight, something's working well so worth me sticking to a similar eating routine. Nothing wrong with a little of trial and error until the best eating regime is found that suits are bodies, we all differ and for that reason one person my not be able to eat the same foods as another and achieve the same results.

On another note, my sister has kept up her ab building routine and has trained with me on a number of occasions, we have been training together and have carried out no end of ab routines, we have a similar training plan and our eating habits are very similar, her portions have been slightly smaller but that’s only due to her calorie intake having to be lower, she started her 12 weeks to a six pack at the same time as I had and she has also achieved a six pack to this date, I hope that she will also soon be on and show all those woman that it is just as possible to gain a six pack and that’s even after giving birth to a child. Next week she will also be at the photographers with me for an ab photo shoot, lets see if the photographers get as impressed, will keep you updated in week 11.

My week 10 training routine will be..........

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