Abdominal Exercises Alone Will Not Create Six Pack Abs!

A common mistake we often see people do is doing hundreds of variations of ab exercises in an effort to finally get visible abs, but here’s the deal: doing a thousand crunches isn’t enough if you want to get that six pack. So, what should you do instead?

Reduce body fat

Let’s get this out of the way: there is NO exercise that targets fat stored in a specific area of your body. If you’re doing a ton of ab exercises, that’s good because you’ll have a strong core, but that doesn’t mean your abs will be showing. If you have a lot of fat covering your midsection, you’ll want to get rid of that first.

How to do that? One of the best strategies is to create a lifestyle supported by two pillars: fitness and nutrition.

A clean diet is especially important if you want to achieve a visible sixpack.

You’ll have to work on reducing the percentage of your abdominal fat, as well as on increasing your overall fitness levels and getting used to a new diet.

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