Abdominal Exercises and Workouts

To hit those abs from every angle

We’ve compiled 75 of the very best exercises to work each area of the Abdominal Wall. You have three different sections to work – the uppers, lowers and side obliques. You should pick one section for each workout, e.g. Uppers on a Monday, lowers on a Wednesday and Side obliques on a Friday. That’s three separate Ab Workouts per week. We have three different levels which you should follow. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Here is how you should approach the levels:
If you are completely new to Abdominal Exercise you should begin with our Beginners exercises for 1-4 weeks and then progress to the Intermediate exercises on week five.

If you are familiar with abdominal exercise and currently incorporate exercises into your workouts, you may select any of the beginner or intermediate exercises and progress to the Advanced level exercises after 6 weeks.
If you have very low body fat levels and are familiar with abdominal exercise you may incorporate our Advanced exercises in conjunction with any from the beginner or intermediate level.

Please Remember
For best results you should cycle exercises every 3-4 weeks to provide new stimulation for your abs.Where possible exercises should reach ‘failure or ‘fatigue’. Do not set yourself rep ranges. When your abs start to ‘burn’ you’ll know you’ve worked them hard. Some exercises will be hard to take to failure, so where possible incorporate weighted exercises to bring down rep ranges. A good idea would be to incorporate one exercise where you can easily reach failure, another exercise which you can perform a good 10-15 repetitions and another exercise where you can use weight or resistance.

Correct execution of the exercises is paramount. Ensure you read the information on each exercise very carefully and copy the exact placement shown in the photos. To avoid back strain or injury ensure your back remains flat throughout exercises.
Place emphasis on your abdominals throughout the movements. Keeping the abs tight will ensure you are placing pressure on them.

If you have a sizeable amount of body fat covering your abdominals, we suggest you do not adopt abdominal workouts just yet. Remember this is not ‘fat burning’ exercise so those abs will never show through, and all the ab exercising will be done in vein. Your main objective should be to progressively eliminate the body fat first and foremost through ‘fat burning’ cardio exercise, strength training and diet. Once a good amount has been lost, then will be the time to incorporate the exercises.

If you’re ready, it’s time to pick some exercises.

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