ABS of The Month Kim Breske

Kim Breske
Age: 35
Where: Webster, SD
Height: 5’4
Weight: 117
Favorite Body Part: Abs

How Did You Get into Fitness?

I discovered that fitness was an important part of my life in high school. I was active in basketball, track and cheerleading. After high school I was busy with college, got married and a few years later started a family. Time was spent mostly on my family and I tended to put myself last. I didn’t think I had time for me. About 3 years ago I again realized I needed to take time for myself and get healthy. During my time away from exercise I developed a gluten intolerance and various other health issues. My journey back to exercise and health was an important decision, not to just tone my body but to also regain my health. I learned as I went. I started with mainly cardio but eventually added in weight training, which has become somewhat of my passion. In addition to exercise, I educated myself on the importance of proper nutrition. I learned what my body wanted and needed to regain health and build muscle. I follow a clean eating lifestyle and I love how I feel.

My Workout Plan:

I change my workout plan about every 6 weeks. This keeps my muscles guessing and I can challenge different areas of my body at different times. A typical week for me would be:

1 mile jog warm-up
Lower Abs, Legs and Back
Cardio cool down

1 mile warm-up
Booty Camp
Various exercises focusing on the glutes
Cardio cool down

1 mile warm-up
Upper Abs, Chest and Biceps
Cardio cool down

1 mile warm-up
Obliques, Shoulders and Triceps
Cardio cool down

1 hour cardio or Zumba


I eat clean and avoid gluten and most dairy. I know how important nutrition is and how I felt when it was not given proper priority in my life. I have learned a lot about whole foods and how I can nourish my body and feel great with pure unprocessed foods. I avoid processed, deep-fried and sugar laden foods. I center my food choices around lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, good carbs and healthy fats. I eat organic whenever I can and drink plenty of filtered water. I eat 5-6 meals each day and rarely find myself hungry or craving anything.

Why do I love fitness?

Fitness is an important part of my daily life because I love the sense of accomplishment when I finish a great workout. I love how it makes me feel and how I look. Fitness is something I can control. It takes determination and motivation to get up everyday and push to make myself better. I love to see the results from all the hard work I put in. I believe everything I do either helps or hurts me, every single workout, every single meal; they all add up. Building a strong body is a cumulative result of hundreds of consistent workouts and good decisions.

What motivates me to follow a healthy lifestyle?

I follow a healthy lifestyle because I feel better, look better and I am a better mother, wife and friend. I know how I felt when I didn’t make healthy living a focus in my life and I never want to go back to that. I am in control of my health and I want to make good decisions and show my children that eating healthy and exercising your body is a necessity not an option. When you feel good there is nothing that can stand in your way!

Good luck everyone with the SixPackNow Program


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