ABS Of The Month Scotty Lindsey

Scotty Lindsey
Resides: Houston, TX
Height: 5’10
Weight 180
Body Fat 6%
Favorite Body part: Legs & Calfs
Waist Size; 28

My Training

I compete in the sport of strongman so my training is very different from most. I’m currently on a diet and training schedule to gain strength/size. I go to absolute failure on all working sets, and stick to very low volume to prevent overtraining.

The Training Schedule

Upper body-log press, chest, calves, upper back, triceps, shoulders

Lower body- atlas stones, axle deadlift, quads, abs, hamstrings, biceps

Upper body-,2.5 inch dumbbell clean and press, chest, calves, upper back, triceps, shoulders

Lower body- squat medley, barbell deadlift, quads ,abs, hamstrings, biceps

Upper body-2.5 inch dumbbell clean and press, chest, calves, upper back, triceps, shoulders

Lower body- atlas stones, 18 inch deadlift, quads ,abs, hamstrings, biceps



Cardio is something people have to do in order to get that nice and lean look you are looking for. It’s not all about how long you run on the treadmill it’s your intensity level that really counts. You can accomplish more in 30 minutes of cardio versus a hour if done correctly. What you must understand is target heart rate zones and your max target heart rate zone.

Cardio workout

10 min interval training on treadmill
1 mile within 7 min
10 min agility ladder workout
3 min cool down

5 min interval training on treadmill
2 mile within 14 min
11 min stair climber
2 min cool down

3.5 miles within 30 min
2 min cool down

Ab Exercise

You don’t have to train your abs every day. They are just like every other muscle in your body, they need rest in order to develop. I train my abs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, that’s three sessions weekly. The thing about abs is that they must be trained in all planes of motion.

Roman chair crunches
Medicine ball oblique rotation
Prone iso ab (planks)
Side iso ab (planks)

Versa Pully crunches
Hanging reverse crunch
Rotating Roman chair crunch
Pyramid crunches

Machine weighted crunches
Russian twist
Bicycle crunches
Reverse crunches (on floor)

My Diet

Your diet plays 80% of your results. If you can’t control your calorie consumption or workout to burn more calories than you just consumed you will never achieve the results you desire. I have many diets but when i want to lean out for fitness shoots i usually follow something like this:

10 egg whites

1 baked potato
3 oz chicken breast

1/4 brown rice
steamed veggies

whey protein shake

6 oz tuna
steamed veggies

Late Snack
whey protein shake
Words of advice

In order for you to see positive results you have to give your workout program at least 2 to 3 months to see change. Do not keep going from one program to the next every week.
My saying is this: 30 days of discipline; 60 days turn into a habit; at 90 days it becomes a lifestyle. ( Discipline, Order, Results)

Good Luck with the Program guys!


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