Abs of the Month

Omar is a 27 year old
Probation Counsellor fromĀ 
San Jose CA.
Height: 5ft 7″
Weight: 165 pounds
Body Fat: 4%

A typical day starts for me at around 5am when I wake. I head to the gym at around 5.30am for my morning weights and cardio regime. I’ll take two fat burners just before my workout (Biotest MD6) and begin my workout with 30 minutes of cardio on the Stairmaster. I’ll hit my weights workout after cardio, training two body parts.

After my workout I’ll head home for my next meal usually around 7am. For this meal I’ll have a Meal Replacement Shake from (The Muscle Factory) which has 50 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs.

My next meal is a 9am, which consists of Chicken Breast, cup of broccoli and some brown rice. My next meal will come at 11.30 am which again is another meal replacement shake. By this time I have already consumed 3 meals – 130 grams of protein, 100 grams of carbs and about 15g of fat.

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My lunch meal comes at 1.30 pm again usually consisting of either fish or chicken with broccoli and rice. I’ll also have the same again or something very similar at 4pm.

I then head back to the gym for an evening session, I’ll take a protein drink with me with 0g carbs and 30g protein, it’s usually about 6.30pm by this time. Whilst at the gym I do an additional 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise using the stationery bike or treadmill.

As far as ab training goes, I hit them every other day during my evening gym session, using a variety of different exercises, including crunches, decline crunches, weighted exercises and side bends.

My very last meal of the day is at 8.30 pm and usually consists of chicken with some broccoli or other vegetables, you have to limit your carb intake during the evening so this makes a great final meal of the day. I also drink more than a gallon of water every day, to keep hydrayted.

Good Luck with the Sixpacknow Program Omar Ventura

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