Advanced/Intermediate Ab Workouts

We’ve just added a further 55 new ab videos in the Members Area of the site, here are a few demonstration videos put together into some intermediate/advanced ab workouts. Four sets should be performed for each exercise, working to failure.

Upper Abdominal Workout (Monday)

Crunch with Plate
Janda Sit-Up

Lower Abs Workout (Wednesday)

Weighted Leg Pull-In

Leg Pushaway
Reverse Crunch

Oblique Workout (Friday)

Pendulum Exercise

Russian Twist

Pendulum with Ball

Featured Ab Workout Video

More Great Ab Workout Videos in my ‘Members Only’ Area. Join Now!

More exercises

We have many, many more exercises available in the Members Area which you can use in your workouts. Please remember, you can do all the ab exercises in the world, but if your diet is not right, you will never see your abs. Are you eating the right foods?

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