Best Ab Rollers in 2022 – Reviewed

There’s no need to wait for a few weeks before the next holiday before working on that six-pack, with the right tools it is easier all year round to maintain a strong core. Products such as an ab roller can be used at home, and are proven to be highly effective when used right. Not only this, but they are one of the most cost-effective methods.

Because of this, we have created the following list of the best ab rollers on the market. Each has the benefit of being made by a reputable company and with the backing of plenty of happy customers, it is impossible to go wrong with any of them.

Quick Summary of Best Ab Rollers

 Editor’s Choice 
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts  (review)
 Best Set Of Two 
SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength and Ab Trainer Roller, Set of 2  (review)
 Best Budget 
Fitnessery Ab Roller for Abs Workout – Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment  (review)
 Best Design 
Vinsguir Ab Roller  (review)
 Best Customisable  
Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel with 2 Configurable Wheels  (review)
 Best Affordable 
June Fox Ab Roller Wheel for Abs  (review)


Editor’s Choice: Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Hands down the best ab roller available, it has the benefit of being wide and well put together and is one of the most popular products in the niche. The built-in resistance contributes towards the benefits, helping to strengthen the core area after continued use. The resistance comes from a kinetic carbon spring that helps to make it more of a challenge to use.The angled handles are ergonomic for better grip but they are also removable for easy portability. The max weight they should be used with is 300 lbs and each purchase comes with a dense foam kneepad to make for more comfortable user experience. With a 1-year manufacturer warranty and downloadable workout plan included, it is a well thought out package sure to bring those abs out.


  • Wide wheel
  • Built-in resistance from the carbon sping
  • Includes a dense foam kneepad
  • 1-year warranty


Best Set Of Two: SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength and Ab Trainer Roller, Set of 2

Because they can be used for plank exercises as well as a traditional set of ab rollers, this is one of the most versatile products on our list. Having two will help to work the shoulders a little more, as well as core and the wheels on either side, are sturdy and reliable for a smooth movement. The ergonomic handles are some of the most comfortable despite being lightweight, but this adds to their appeal as being easy to transport.Included is a training guide to help the user to go through the potential exercises they can be used for. SKLZ is known for its training gear with these ab rollers being one of their flagship products. Given the thousands of happy customers, they are doing something very right.


  • Set of two rollers
  • Good for strengthening torso, shoulders, and core
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Reputable brand

  • Not everyone wants to use two at a time

Best Budget: Fitnessery Ab Roller for Abs Workout – Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment

Don’t be fooled by the low price tag on this product, it is as practical as it is affordable. The wide wheel and durable materials to ensure it has a smooth and comfortable movement and sturdy feel to it, giving you confidence as you lower to the ground. Ideal for a tight core, the wheel is made from non-slip rubber and PVC. and can be used on pretty much any surface.The handles are made from stainless steel making them strong and reliable, yet feature a comfortable grippy outer. It comes with a two-year guarantee just in case you don’t get along with it but this is the sort of ab roller that will keep going as long as you need it to.


  • Stainless steel handles
  • Nonslip rubber wheel
  • Great price
  • Two-year guarantee included

  • Other products have more comfortable handles

Best Design: Vinsguir Ab Roller

The slick look of this ab roller gives it an eye-catching appeal but beyond that, it is also one of the best products for durability. It also represents good value for money since it comes with a useful accessory. Included is a kneepad that makes ab workouts easier. At 8 cm wide, the roller offers excellent stability that does not waver and allows for straight lines and a comfortable exercise routine.The handles are also comfortable, made from EVA rubber cotton, and have a decent amount of grip. The stainless steel handles ensure it can bear the weight of up to around 440 lbs. We also like that it is easy to assemble and disassemble so can be stored or taken anywhere with ease.


  • Looks great
  • 8cm wheel for. added stability
  • Comfortable EVA rubber cotton handles
  • Can hold up to 440 lbs

  • Not so good for built-in resistance

Best Customisable : Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel with 2 Configurable Wheels

Anyone who likes to customize their workout gear will appreciate this ab roller as it can be switched to a wider roller is required. It is ideal for strengthening obliques and helps the body to get to work on the core. The second wheel that adds to the stability is great for beginners, then switch to the single wheel to make things a little more challenging.The nonslip silicone handles are comfortable enough and are grippy enough even when sweaty palms are holding tight. included is a bonus kneeling mat and a lifetime guarantee. With stainless steel handles and nonslip rubber treads, there is enough quality here despite the reasonable price tag.


  • Can switch between one or two wheels
  • Nonslip handles
  • Rubber treads
  • Includes a knee mat

  • Not as smooth as other ab rollers

Best Affordable: June Fox Ab Roller Wheel for Abs

The oversized wheel may look a bit out there, but this is another quality ab roller to take seriously. Its thick steel pipe that runs the way through makes it strong and the ergonomic handles combined with the wide wheel make for smooth rolling. This is also what makes for angled rolls, increasing the challenge and has an anti-slip layer for added grip.As with many of the reputable products it comes with a knee mat and is near silent when being used. For arm and chest exercises, the handles create an angle that works different muscles, and there is also a rebound effect that helps to bring the roller back inwards.


  • Wide wheel for smooth rolling
  • Thick steel pipe for added strength
  • Anti-slip layer
  • Strong friction

  • Takes a bit of getting used to

Ab Roller Buyer’s Guide

For rock hard abs that come easy, well there is no substitute for hard work, but certain fitness gadgets can help make the journey to beach body easier. Ab rollers have become popular because not only do they strengthen the core, but other muscles around the shoulders and torso.

This is only going to be the case when using a quality product and although they are simple in design, many brands get it all wrong. To help you make a sensible purchase, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In An Ab Roller

Quality Handles

Not only should they be ergonomic and comfortable to hold, but the material used must be comfortable and grippy. Many brands go for silicon or some form of foam coating to make it easy to hold. Some may use a curved shape that angles the arms and shoulder to work different muscles but this is a matter of preference.

Smooth Motion

A smooth motion comes from the quality of the wheel. A beginner may appreciate a wider wheel that is more forgiving of twitchy movements but the challenge of a regular width wheel is something that can help strengthen the core faster. Most products make for a smooth movement with a little grip on the wheel.

Max Weight

Not every ab roller is as strong as one might hope which is why it is always important to check the load it can bear before purchasing. Most reputable brands make theirs as strong as possible with a stainless steel tube going through the middle of the handles and some of the strongest can hold a weight of around 400 lbs.

Included Knee Pad

Not every brand includes this with a purchase of their ab roller but it is one of the crucial items when using an ab roller. The technique involves a bit of punishment on the knees when used on a hard surface (which is the preferable type) so a knee pad is important. This can be substituted for a cushion or pillow but this won’t offer the same stability and comfort.


On the way out, the motion can be made a little more difficult with some resistance from the ab roller, and this can be complemented with some help on the way back in. A carbon steel spring is used by some products to achieve this making the journey to firmer abs a lot quicker.

How Does An Ab Roller Work?

To take the strain off the waste that comes with crunches, an ab roller helps to strengthen the shoulders whilst working the core. The wheel helps to work a larger area of the ab muscles in one go, some that are a challenge to train using other methods.

How Often Should I Use An Ab Roller?

As with any form of exercise, nothing happens overnight but the commitment means there should be a mix of days use and rest days. Most experts tend to recommend using them a couple of times a week, to begin with, Then, when it feels comfortable, two days in a row before taking a rest day. This might take some working up to, especially when the aim should be to get to between 5 to 8 reps at a time then times this by three.

Can An Ab Roller Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

Unfortunately not. There is no quick fix that will get rid of belly fat alone so a mix of cardiovascular exercise and eating the right foods will help with this. Once thus challenging part has been done, some definition and tone can be seen when working the core. This can still be done earlier and although a six-pack might not pop out until the layers in front have lessened, a strong core is always good to aim for.

How Long Does An Ab Roller Take To Work?

This differs from person to person but when committed, and using it twice a week for about six weeks to two months, there will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of the abs. Their strength will be noticeable before as sets get easier.

Will An Ab Roller Give Me A Six Pack?

Not without some work on the user’s part, but since it works a wide range of core muscles, it is recognized as one of the most effective ab training tools available. There aren’t many other products that work abs, glutes, obliques, as well as the lower back and even shoulders on top of that.

Why Are Lower Abs Hard To Get?

The simple fact is that they are harder to work therefore getting them to become more noticeable is more challenging. Exercises such as crunches work the upper abs more which is why ab roller is a popular choice. Working the entire core, the lower ab muscles get a good workout and it is common to feel the burn there before anywhere else when first using an ab roller.

Can You Work Abs Under Fat?

Yes, you can. It is possible to work on strengthening abs even if it is not visible just yet. Toning can be an important part of any exercise routine, even if there is weight to lose in the area before they can be seen.

How Much Do Ab Rollers Cost?

The good news is that even the elite products cost under $40. This makes it a useful tool for anyone to get hold of without having to break the bank. They are also easy to use within a limited space making them ideal for at-home use. Although $40 is the upper end of the scale, it is possible to pick up a reputable product for around $15 so there is an ab roller for every budget.

What Is The Best Ab Roller?

After reviewing the best the market has to offer, we found that Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts was the highest in terms of quality. Not only does it offer built-in resistance from the carbon spring mechanism, but it also had impressive stability and comes with a knee pad. To top it off there is a 1-year warranty and a top weight of 300 lbs.

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