Best Adjustable Weight Benches in 2022 – Reviewed

Sometimes, the motivation to get to the gym is strong, but on those days where time is restrictive or you just want to workout at home, an adjustable weight bench can help you get hench from the comfort of home. Of course, the hard work is down o the user, but with the right tools, there is no reason why anyone can’t get the results they desire in their garage or spare room.

This is only going to be possible when using a quality product which is why we have created a list of the best adjustable weight benches available. Each one has something different to offer but what they all have in common is that they are made by a reputable company, and are reliable.

Quick Summary of Best Adjustable Weight Benches

 Editor’s Choice 
Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series  (review)
 Best All In One 
Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Squat Rack  (review)
 Best For Storing 
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench,Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout  (review)
 Best With Leg Developer  
Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Home Gym Adjustable Weight Bench  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Magic Fit Adjustable Weight Bench Utility Exercise Workout Bench  (review)
 Best Budget Incline Bench 
Marcy Exercise Utility Bench SB-261W  (review)


Editor’s Choice: Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series

With six different angles and thousands of happy customers, this is the best adjustable weight bench available. It also has a 20-degree decline but it is the layer of comfort and quality materials used that makes it stand out. The commercial quality steel ensures it is durable and a thick padded backrest.

There is also removable leg support for a decline and the max load is among the largest with 600 lbs being the top end of what it can hold. The seat is adjustable and there are also wheels to make it easy to move away. A lot of people enjoy the fact that it packs down easily and storing it is simple thanks to the stowaway feature that makes it 50% smaller.


  • Plenty of adjustable angles including a decline
  • Thick padding and steel structure
  • Removable leg support for a decline
  • Packs down small


Best All In One: Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Squat Rack

Close to the best adjustable weight benches with a rack, this has more to it and is also a leg developer and squat rack. This opens up more positions and exercises, helping to save space in a home gym. The padded vinyl foam makes it one of the most comfortable, even when the rack is fully loaded, the same comfort is extended to the grips on the arm curler helping to prevent blisters.

It can be adjusted to six different positions for incline press as well as flat chest press with a separate squat rack opening up more possibilities. The 14 gauge tubular steel frame makes it incredibly strong and it can fit Olympic sized and mid-sized weights comfortably.


  • Six incline positions
  • Also a squat rack
  • Arm curler
  • Strong steel frame

  • Only one decline position

Best For Storing: FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench,Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout

Another high-quality adjustable weight bench that can be adjustable for an all-over body workout. Its 500 lb weight capacity is impressive and all down to the commercial-grade steel structure. The comfort of the 1.8-inch padded backrest is also better than most and the back can be adjusted to six positions with the seat being moveable to four different positions.

Both easy to carry and with no assembly needed, it is one of the more convenient products available because it folds up small. Nice added touches include quality leather and foam padded leg support and it only weighs 8.5 kg itself.


  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • 18-inch padding on the backrest
  • 6 adjustable positions on the backrest
  • No assembly required

  • Not quite big enough for taller users

Best With Leg Developer : Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Home Gym Adjustable Weight Bench

Another quality product from the people at Marcy, this is their adjustable weight bench that also features a leg developer giving it dual uses for home workouts. We also like the fact that it offers six different positions for incline workouts and the foam padding has a dense feel to it making it more comfortable than most.

Its powder-coated steel construction makes it one of the sturdiest which explains why it can hold up to 600 lbs at a time. The wheels and carry handle add to the simplicity and portability and the foam rollers on the leg support area make it more comfortable, especially when upping the weights for leg day.


  • Six different positions
  • Includes leg developer area
  • Steel construction
  • 600 lb maximum

  • Reverse leg curls not as versatile

Best Affordable: Magic Fit Adjustable Weight Bench Utility Exercise Workout Bench

one of the best weight benches in terms of value, the adjustable positions are plentiful with seven to choose from and 3 for the seat. Its 550 lb weight capacity is pretty standard but still on the generous side and gives most people plenty to work with when adding more weights onto the rack. With 1.6 inches of padding, it feels soft and comfortable, the backrest itself being 11.8 inches wide which is plenty enough for most people.

Thee foot cover has an anti-slip material over each corner to help keep it sturdy and it is one of the best for saving space, packing down to a convenient size. All this at a reasonable price making it a product worth considering for anyone on a budget.


  • 550 lb weight capacity
  • 1.6-inch padding
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Folds down small

  • Pull pin adjustment can be a little tricky at first

Best Budget Incline Bench: Marcy Exercise Utility Bench SB-261W

Despite its low price tag, this is still good value for anyone looking for an upright weight bench with adjustable positions. It can also be used for decline exercises. Although it is on the basic side, it still has foam rollers for comfort and an adjustable seat to make it more comfortable when working out in different positions.

The maximum weight capacity is on the low side, but that is to be expected given the price, still, 400 lbs are more than enough for many people at home. The vinyl cover is double stitched and has a durable feel as it covers the foam interior that is surprisingly comfortable. The bench itself only weighs 27 lbs so it is easy to move in and out of storage.


  • Plenty of adjustable positions
  • Only weighs 27 lbs
  • Low price
  • Double-stitched vinyl cover

  • 400 lb max weight capacity

Adjustable Weight Bench Buyer’s Guide

When working out at home, it is important to have quality equipment. Since it is recommended that most people work out with someone else around, when you are going solo, safety is even more important. This is why i is vital that when shopping for an adjustable weight bench, the user knows what the better products should be capable of. 

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. it details all the important traits that quality products share. By the end of it, you’ll be able to make a sensible decision and end up with a product that lasts a long time and is safe.

What To Look For In An Adjustable Weight Bench

Max Weight Capacity

This is vital to the safety of the user and it is not something that a heavy lifter should ignore. If you have a heavy rack, you need to know the bench below is going to be able to support you. Most reputable products tend to offer a max load of around 500 lbs, but for the serious gym go-er, something closer to 600 lbs might be better.

Multiple Positions

Since adjustable is the name of the game here, it is only right that a decent weight bench has plenty to offer. Most reputable brands have around 6 different positions to choose from. Still, it is good to check that there are also decline positions as this opens up the potential for new exercises that work different muscles. 

Sturdy Frame

This will influence almost every aspect of an adjustable weight bench so for it to be strong enough to hold a good amount of weight, but also to stay in place, it needs to have a sturdy frame. Most brands use some form of tubular steel throughout which is known for its strength and reliability.

Easily To Store

Especially important when space is at a premium, an adjustable weight bench should fold down small, making it easy to store. Some brands ensure their benches fold in half so they take up barely any space in a cupboard or can be leaned against a wall. The product itself should not be overly heavy for this to be easy, but this is usually fine given the design of these products. Any weight bench with wheels is also going to be easier to move from room to room. 


You never realize how important the padding on a backrest is until it is gone., Ever tried lifting heavy weights on a bench that doesn’t have adequate padding – it hurts! This is why dense foam padding is important, and most will give close to two inches of it to ensure that their product can support the user without leaving them grimacing because of the backrest. 

Multiple Uses

Beyond the adjustable backrest, some brands will include other areas that the weight bench can be used. Most commonly for leg workouts, but sometimes a larger product may include a squat rack. This is inevitably going to increase the price but it also means the user can work different muscles and it saves money on multiple benches, not to mention space.

Do You Need A Weight Bench?

The fact is that anyone who wants to increase the weight on the rack is going to need some support. A weight bench is an easy way of getting the support to ensure that posture is optimal and opens up new possibilities of different exercises that are otherwise not available without a bench.

The added comfort allows the user to practice form and increase the weight and is especially good for a beginner. It is not advisable to do flat bench presses on the floor for example, and it is near impossible to work on incline exercises without a weight bench.

Exercises As Alternatives To Flat Bench Press

Some other uses for a weight bench include pushups, incline dumbell press, dumbell flys, dips, decline dumbell press, and dumbell pullover among others. It is always best to study the correct technique and posture before trying a new exercise.

Can A Weight Bench Be Used Outdoors?

Although they are best used indoors, there is nothing wrong with working out outside, and because of their portability, a weight bench can be taken outside. However, it is not advisable to leave it there because despite being water-resistant, the likes of UV rays and continual rain can cause the bench to deteriorate and the metal parts to rust. 

Even fluctuations in temperature can be damaging and since these products are designed to last a long time, it can be a waste of what should be a product that lasts for many years.

How Weight Can A Weight Bench Hold?

This depends on the product but most reputable brands make products that can hold around 500 lbs. It might cost a little more to get your hands on a product that can hold 600 – 800 lbs without any problem but those who take weight training seriously will benefit from this. 

How Much Does An Adjustable Weight Bench Cost?

This varies depending on how many features you are looking for, but most reputable products tend to start at around $125. This will get you more than a basic weight bench, and above all, a well-built product with a decent maximum weight capacity. For those who want more features such as more positions and even the ability to work different parts of the body, products with leg developers will start to cost closer to $250 with elite products being even more expensive.

What Is The Best Adjustable Weight Bench?

After reviewing multiple products, we found the best to be Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series. Partly down to the number of adjustable positions, including a 20-degree decline, but also its 600 lb max weight capacity is better than most. When packed down, it is around 50% smaller making it easy to store and the commercial quality steel ensures it will last a long time.

For a product that has multiple uses and the ability to work different muscles and body parts, we found the Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Squat Rack to be more versatile. It offers the user the chance to work different muscle groups, has plenty of adjustable positions, and is backed by the reputable Marcy brand name. 

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