Best Power Towers in 2022 – Reviewed

Anyone looking to use a power tower knows they are going to get the chance to put different bodyparts through a good workout which is why they have become one of the go-to pieces of home gym equipment. Whether it is for pull-ups, leg raises, dips, or anything else, they don’t take up a lot of room considering the number of uses they have.

This is only going to be the case when using a quality product, and some are better than others. This is why we have created the following list of the best power towers. Each one has a solid reputation for stability and performance and there is something for every budget.

Quick Summary of Best Power Towers

 Editor’s Choice 
Weider Power Tower  (review)
 Best Value 
Bowflex BodyTower  (review)
 Best Budget Option 
Jonerytime Fitness Equipment Power Tower  (review)
 Best With Bench 
UBOWAY Power Tower -Pull Up Bar  (review)
 Best Compact 
Strength Training Dip Stands, Adjustable Power Tower  (review)
 Best Alternative  
HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage  (review)


Editor’s Choice: Weider Power Tower

A popular power tower, and one that is the perfect mix of good value, and hard-wearing. It also offers a multitude of exercises with nonslip feet to keep everything in place. The plus padded elbow pads and backrest have a quality cover that is both water-resistant and comfortable. There are multiple paces to grip and try different exercises and it can be used for dips, leg raises, pull-ups, and more.

The pull-up bar stands 7 ft tall so is high enough for most people to get a good grip of and it is one of the easier products to put together. The thick tubing gives it a stable feel and all things considered, it is reasonably priced.


  • Nonslip feet
  • Quality backrest and elbow pads
  • Easy to assemble
  • 7 ft tall
  • Thick tubing


Best Value: Bowflex BodyTower

A brand with a deserved reputation for quality, Bowflex has made one of the best power towers on the market. There are 7 levels of adjustment to make it more comfortable for different users and there are over 20 different exercises that can be done using this product. There is plenty of scope for increasing the intensity and a steel frame that is so well built it is considered to be commercial grade.

The back pad is made from thick cushioned foam to make leg raises more comfortable. Its maximum user weight is 300 lbs which are plenty enough for most. The E-Z adjust bars are 22 inches wide and included are handgrips and sling straps.


  • Over 20 exercises possible
  • Hand grips and sling straps included
  • 7 levels of adjustment
  • 300 lb max weight

  • The tower may be a little short for some

Best Budget Option: Jonerytime Fitness Equipment Power Tower

For a fraction of the price of some of the competition, this is the best budget power tower available. It still manages to offer a lot of the functionality of other products and features parallel bars, and areas for pull-ups, ring chest pull, vertical knee lifts, swivel waist twist, and many others.

There are 5 levels of adjustable height so different family members can use it and there is a total load capacity of 330 lbs because of the sturdy steel frame. 4 large nonslip foot covers add to the stability and cushioned areas for back support and on the elbow pads. There is also a distance of 8 inches between the frame and the pull-up bars to ensure the knees do not touch the frame, it’s these little things that go a long way.


  • Great value
  • 4 nonslip foot covers
  • Multiple uses
  • 330 lb load capacity

  • Takes a little while to assemble

Best With Bench: UBOWAY Power Tower -Pull Up Bar

A quality power tower with a pull-up bar included, this provides the potential to work a variety of muscles because of its wide range of functions. It is made from heavy steel so the durability and stability should never be an issue and thickened steel pipes help ensure it can bear a weight of up to 330 lbs at a time.

There are up to 6 adjustable heights and a cushioned backrest and elbow pads to make it comfortable when doing leg raises and other exercises. Its anti-slip feet help to give the user confidence that it will remain in place and it has so many functions it can be used for exercises such as chin-ups, leg raises, dips, and more. To top it all off there is an adjustable and removable bench with a max weight capacity of 440 lbs.


  • 6 adjustable heights
  • Max weight of 330 lbs
  • Removable bench with a max weight of 440 lbs
  • Anti-slip feet

  • Takes a while to unfold the bench

Best Compact: Strength Training Dip Stands, Adjustable Power Tower

Taking up less room than most, this is as close to a compact power tower as anyone is likely to find. It still manages to be stable enough to take a max load of 330 lbs. There are 6 levels of adjustable heights with the pull-up bar being able to move between 64 inches to 88 inches. The H shaped base ensures that it is strong and the heavy steel frame is durable.

There are various exercise routines that this power tower can be used for including working the chest, shoulder, triceps, and more. The elbow pads are thick and comfortable and are inclined by 10 degrees inward to stop the user from slipping off.


  • Max load of 330 lbs
  • 6 levels of adjustable height
  • H shaped base for stability
  • Tilted elbow pad to prevent slipping

  • Can take a while to assemble

Best Alternative : HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage

As an alternative to a power tower, this power cage has more stability and is a good option for anyone who has space. There is still the ability to use it for pulls ups and places for band and resistance training as well. It includes J hooks and other neat extras to open up the possibility for different exercises although it won’t be so useful for dips compared to a power tower.

Still, there are other benefits including its big 1,000 lb weight capacity and large walk-in space. There are rubber feet that help to keep it in place and also protect the floor and the cage itself weighs 165 lbs so it will weigh more than most power towers.


  • Huge 1,000 lb weight capacity
  • Large walk-in space
  • Comes with J hooks
  • Ideal for pull-ups

  • Not everyone wants a power cage

Power Tower Buyers Guide

An all-over workout can be difficult to achieve in a small space, but exercise equipment like a power tower can make this possible. Because it is can be used for different purposes, these are some of the most versatile products in the world of fitness and are ideal for home gyms. There is more to them than pulls ups and leg raises, and finding a quality product isn’t always easy.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best traits for a power tower. in the following buyer’s guide, we detail all the important information so it is easy to make a sensible purchase.

What To Look For In A Power Tower

Max Weight Capacity

Before using a power tower, the user needs to know it is safe to do so. For the most part, these products are strong enough but some more so than others. This is why a max load capacity of around 300 lbs is a good place to start. Some are stronger for those that need the added strength.

Adjustable Heights

One of the main attributes of these products is that they can be used by different people. The more adjustable heights there are, the more comfortable it will be to use without assistance to reach the pull-up bars. The better pull up bars also have different angles making it possible to use them with different grips. 


The backrest and elbow pads are the two main parts where comfort is important. When doing dips and leg raises, plush padding will go a long way towards ensuring it is comfortable to use. A water resistance cover is also important.


Some sub-par products move around a lot, and this doesn’t inspire confidence as you bring your legs up to your chest for a leg raise. This is why wide steel tubing or an H shaped design is important. Anything that adds to the stability of the power tower is going to help. A wide base is a good place to start.


The more exercise that can be done on a power tower, the better. Because there are plenty of places to add grips and multiple positions, there is no excuse for a brand to scrimp. Since some companies include the potential for using their power tower for 20 different exercises, it is always good to look for a versatile product. 


Although not every brand includes a warranty with their product, it is always good to find one if you can. This will protect your purchase should something go wrong and when it comes to exercise equipment, you never know when one part might become faulty. 


Not everyone has $1000 to spend on a high-end product, but thankfully, this is unnecessary when it comes to a power tower. Most products cost significantly less but beware of deals that seem too good to be true, they often are. 

Easy Assembly

This isn’t a simple bookshelf we’re talking about here so don’t expect to be able to assemble the thing in a few minutes. For most products, it shouldn’t take two people more than a couple of hours to put a power tower together. Some brands are easier than others, but should still be no match for even the inexperienced handyman or woman. 

What Is A Power Tower?

Despite the name, these products are resistance machines that can be used with huge weights. Instead, they mostly rely on bodyweight to build muscle. Usually made with a simple design, the two main areas are the pull-up bar and the leg raise station. These two alone can open up multiple exercises working different muscles, and most products are versatile and can be used for push-ups, dips, working arms, back, abs, and more. 

Power Tower Vs Power Rack

There are plus points for both but a power tower is best for using bodyweight to build muscle. There are often more exercises that can be done on a power tower compared to a power rack although they are good for building serious muscle, and can often be used for pull-ups as well. 

A power rack will also be studier thanks to the design but this will come at a steeper price. For anyone on a restrictive budget or those who want equipment with various uses, a power tower is a good option. 

How Much Does A Power Tower Cost?

The price varies but most products tend to be between $200 – 400. The lower end may mean compromising on some of the sturdiness and quality of materials but they can still be reliable when you know what to look for. The higher-end will often result in a higher spec of materials, a greater max weight capacity, and more versatility when it comes to different exercises.

What Muscle Groups Foes A Power Tower Work?

This is one of the best attributes of these products, they can be used to work a variety of muscles. Some of the most prominent exercises work the biceps, chest, back, shoulders, triceps, traps, and many others. Although they aren’t as useful for legs, they can be used alongside a routine that involves squats and other leg exercises.

What Is The Best Power Tower?

After reviewing multiple products, we found that the best was the Weider Power Tower. The pull-up bar is 7 ft tall making it plenty high enough for most users to use in comfort. This means it might not be so suitable in places with a low ceiling but otherwise, there is plenty to like.

It also has a comfortable backrest and the elbow pad is made from quality materials so is stable and reliable, and has non-slip feet. To top it all off, it is reasonably priced and features non slip feet.

Will A Power Tower Move?

As long as the product being used is built to a high standard, there should be a minimal risk of it moving when in use. There is something to be said for a heavier product, and one that has a wide base to ensure it is more stable and less likely to move.


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