Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys in 2022 – Reviewed

Some people think trim dudes are lucky, but a lot wish there was an easier way to put on weight, with muscle mass being high on the list. A carefully tailored diet might help, as will a healthy lifestyle, but some products can help make weight gain a lot easier. One such product is a weight gainer for skinny guys.

Because the market is flooded with supplements that are full of filler ingredients, it is difficult to find a product that truly works, and is safe to use. This is why we have created a list of the best products. Each one is made to a high standard, has a deserved reputation, and can help to put on muscle that stays.

Quick Summary of Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys

 Editor’s Choice 
Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder  (review)
 Best All Natural  
Naturade All-Natural Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix, Chocolate, 20.3 Ounce  (review)
 Best For High Protein 
MUTANT MASS Weight Gainer Protein Powder with a Whey Isolate  (review)
 Best Vegan 
IRONVEGAN Gainer Vanilla Protein Powder, 2500 GR  (review)
 Best For Creatine 
Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass Advanced Weight Gainer  (review)
 Best Value 
Nutrabolics Mass Fusion – Strawberry Cream, 5 Ib (9 Servings)  (review)


Editor’s Choice: Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder

Easily the best weight gainer for skinny guys not only because of the quality, but it is also the best value product on our list. With 650 calories per serving, it is also a good option for mixing into pancakes and other recipes since the chocolate taste is more pleasant than most.

With 32 g of protein in every serving, it has a good amount of muscle-building potential and is designed with those who find it hard to put on weight and size. By mixing 4 scoops into 16 oz of water (milk can also be used), it mixes easily, and is gluten-free, and contains a variety of BCAA’s for helping with muscle growth. There are 14 servings in this 5 lb tub making it an excellent choice for anyone with a speedy metabolism.


  • 650 calories per serving
  • 32 g of protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Plenty of BCAA’s
  • Good value


Best All Natural : Naturade All-Natural Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix, Chocolate, 20.3 Ounce

What do all skinny guys want when gaining weight? Calories! That’s exactly what this product from Naturade offers. The all-natural ingredients make it safer than a lot of the competition and the chocolate flavor is more pleasant than most. Mix it with whole milk twice daily to get a boost of up to 1,600 calories at a time.

A gluten-free product, it lasts for 12 servings and is both stimulant and steroid free but contains iron, vitamin C, whey, and other quality ingredients included to help put on weight. It can be taken with water if the user wishes to keep their fat intake down. Most people find that taking it consistently can result in gaining several pounds every week and with 10 g of protein in every serving, there is a decent amount for building mass.


  • 1,600 calories a day
  • Gluten-free
  • 12 servings
  • All-natural ingredients

  • 10g of protein in every serving could be higher

Best For High Protein: MUTANT MASS Weight Gainer Protein Powder with a Whey Isolate

One of the most popular weight gainers for skinny guys, this contains whey isolate and plenty of other quality ingredients. The recommended servings contain a massive 56 g of protein, 1,100 calories, and added enzymes to get the most out of the ingredients.

Although it is designed for the likes of bodybuilders, anyone looking to gain weight can use it and each flavor contains a blend of 10 different quality proteins. Tested in the gym by strength athletes, it is ideal for anyone with a fast metabolism and comes in a 5 lb bag that should last a while of weight gaining shakes and is available in flavors like Strawberry banana and coconut cream.


  • 1,100 calories
  • 56 g of protein is more than most
  • Contains 10 different proteins
  • Great for gaining muscle

  • Some flavors taste better than others

Best Vegan: IRONVEGAN Gainer Vanilla Protein Powder, 2500 GR

An option for a vegan looking for a weight gainer for skinny guys is a non-GMO product that has a deserved reputation as one of the best in the niche. Designed with athletes in mind where a lot of cardio results in it being difficult to put weight on, it offers 42g of protein in every serving and 720 calories with only 1 g of sugars. The natural vanilla flavor is pleasant enough although some prefer to add some form of vegan syrup such as agave to sweeten it up a little.

Testes for banned substances, it is one of the cleaner options and made with the likes of organic brown rice protein to help the user gain mass safely.


  • 42 g of protein per 190g serving
  • 720 calories
  • Natural vanilla flavor
  • Vegan and non-GMO

  • Not as many calories as some of the alternatives

Best For Creatine: Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass Advanced Weight Gainer

With a massive 1,230 calories per recommended serving, this is one of the best weight gainers for skinny guys looking to pile on the lbs. This also means it provides around 47 g of protein, helping to build muscle mass and all with no added sugars. There is also 5 g of Creatine Monohydrate which is great for improving strength and muscle recovery and because this can be taken regularly, you get the added benefit of regular creatine.

Available in 3 flavors including strawberry, chocolate ice cream, and vanilla. Free from artificial colors and gluten, there is also prebiotics to support a healthy immune system and digestive health. The only issue some people have is the sugar content and there are artificial flavors included which is why it doesn’t feature higher.


  • 5 g of creatine monohydrate per serving
  • 1,230 calories
  • 47 g of protein
  • Gluten-free

  • Contains artificial flavors

Best Value: Nutrabolics Mass Fusion – Strawberry Cream, 5 Ib (9 Servings)

The 5 lb tub should last a fair amount of servings, and the strawberry cream flavor is one of the better options although no formula is perfect when it comes to taste. Still, it contains a big 50 g of protein per serving and the calorie content is generous at 950. The protein is fast to absorb which means it is ideal post-workout but can be used pre-gym and as a meal replacement from time to time.

There is no added sugar in this clean formula that also doesn’t cause amino crashing. It seems to be more concentrated than a lot of other brands as there are 57 servings so it is sure to last a while. Ade with serious bodybuilders and those looking to put on some pounds in mind, it has a well thought out formula although again, it does contain natural and unnatural flavors.


  • 50 g of protein
  • 950 calories per serving
  • 57 servings are good value
  • Fast absorbing proteins

  • Contains unnatural flavors

Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys Buyer’s Guide

Anyone with a fast metabolism will know that putting on weight is no easy feat. This can make someone the envy of some friends, but when trying to gain mass int the gym or otherwise, it is important to get a little help. One of the most effective ways of adding mass is by using a weight gainer and with an array of products available, it is important to do a little research.

This can help you make a sensible decision which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys

Calorie Content

It all starts with the calories per serving and although some products proudly boast of their 400 calories per serving, this isn’t impressive, or enough. Anyone looking to gains serious weight to turn it into muscle mass should look for brands that have at least 700 calories per serving. There is nothing wrong with products that go well over 1,000 calories per serving as this will help the user to start noticing a difference in their added pounds sooner.


Another big one, the protein content will determine how easy it is to turn the hard work in the gym into muscle. Not every product is designed for athletic use like this but if that is the intention, look for a product with around 30g of protein per serving and above. Some brands get closer to 50 g of protein in every shake which will help put on some serious muscle mass in no time. 


There is little point in purchasing a weight gainer if it is only going to last a week. If the value is there, then purchase multiple packs to ensure there is never a point where there is none left. Some brands provide a month’s supply but since most of them require taking multiple scoops a time, the powder can run out fast.


Although every brand has products with intriguing flavor combinations such as cookies and cream or strawberry ice cream, it is rare for any supplement powder to have a pleasant taste. The more pleasant the taste, the more likely it is that there are more sugars than what is ideal. Choose a product that seems close to the flavors you enjoy whether that be chocolate, vanilla, or something fruity, and add a little agave syrup or something similar if necessary.

Natural Ingredients

The more of these the better and although some brands say their product is full of natural ingredients, be wary of unnatural ingredients as well. These should be kept to a minimum and if possible, avoided. 

Stimulant and Steroid Free

Above all else, the product should be safe to use and most products only use ingredients that are useful and safe to consume. If competing, always check that a supplement is safe for competition before consuming. 

When To Take A Weight Gainer

Most brands will recommend the best time to consume their weight gainer but they are usually fine to take at any time of day. The best time is often after exercise so after the gym. Since the body will look for a way of replenishing itself, using a weight gainer can help ensure it does not use the muscles. 

It is possible to take weight gainers with a meal or as a meal replacement to add extra calories in the day. Keep in mind that these products are thicker than a typical protein shake due to the type of ingredients used. This can mean they need a thorough shake, with some people choosing to use a blender to ensure it is mixed properly. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using A Weight Gainer?

Beyond gaining weight, there are a handful of side effects that can occur. It can be because of a specific ingredient or just getting used to a formula but some people can experience diarrhea, bloating, cramping, gas, and an upset stomach among other things. As with any supplement, it is important to consult a doctor before adding it to your diet. 

Weight Gainer Vs Protein Powder

For anyone who doesn’t struggle to put on weight, but wants to build muscle mass, protein powder is the better option. Weight gainers are designed for those who want to build muscle in the gym but find it difficult to keep weight on. At the same time as increasing the calorific intake of the user, a weight gainer can also contain a high amount of protein to help put on weight and turn it into muscle. 

Protein powders tend to be low on calories so they are not going to have the same weight gaining effect although they will help build muscle. Both products are usually good for muscle recovery but when looking to reverse the effects of a fast metabolism or to put on some pounds fast, a weight gainer is the better option. 

Do Weight Gainers Contain Quality Calories?

It all depends on the formula used by the brand. This is why it is important to read the label before using any new supplement but beware of the quality of the calories as well as the unnatural ingredients such as colors and flavors.

How Much Does A Weight Gainer Cost?

A lot will depend on the size of the container it comes in, as well as the quality of the ingredients but expect to pay over $30 for a 5 lb tub of a quality brand. This is going to get around 2 – 4 weeks supply depending on how concentrated the formula is. 

Can You Take A Weight Gainer Before A Workout?

Some brands will say this is fine, but because of the huge calorie content, this can cause you to bloat. Feeling unconfirmable in the gym is the worst which is why it is recommended that they are used between meals or preferably post-workout. It will support protein synthesis giving the user all the benefits of the additional protein content whilst helping to gain weight. 

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