Ever Wondered How Fitness Models Get in Great Shape?

We have a host of cover models and athletes on site with great abs revealing their own workout plans, diet advice and tips for achieving that coveted ‘six pack’ look. Ever wondered what diets models use to get that photo condition? Well you’ll have access to all their dieting secrets and nutrition strategies. You can also email any of our site models for personal help and advice. You will also be treated to our models photo collections showing off their truly inspiring physiques. Below are our current models.

Joseph Michael

Anton Antipov

Kristia Knowles

Debbie Patton

Herve Duchemin

Ross Edgley

Kellie Newsome

Omar Ventura

Dina Al Sabah

Kathy Feldman

Chris Mitchell

Ali McKnight

Shane Cibella

Steve Ranieri

Moorea Wolfe

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