How did Ryan Reynolds add 20 pounds of muscle and cut his fat to 3% for Blade Trinity?

Let’s talk about the transformation of Ryan Reynolds, the star of Blade: Trinity and Green Lantern. The actor had to gain 20 lbs of pure muscle for his role of Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity. On top of that, he also had to lower his body fat % to JUST 3%!

Read on to find out more about his workout and diet program.

Ryan Reynolds Workouts

In preparation for Blade: Trinity, Reynolds trained under the guidance of personal trainer Darren Chapman. Here are some of the approaches Chapman used to get the most out of every workout:

  • Visualization: visualize what you want to achieve (your dream body, for example) and always work out with that goal in mind.
  • Customization: personalize your workout so it fits your needs, but also make sure you like what you’re doing. If that means changing up your sets and doing abs at the beginning of your workout session rather than at the end, go for it!

Reynold’s trainer during filming of Green Lantern was Bobby Strom, an ex-competitive bodybuilder. His workout program included a combination of:

  • strength training with machines
  • resistance bands
  • cardio
  • yoga and pilates

Blade: Trinity Workout

  • Split: one day per body part/muscle group
  • 6 days a week, 2-3 hour sessions
  • Strength training (heavy weights, low reps) to build muscle and bulk
  • Start each session with ab workouts (bodyweight and assisted)

Diet and Supplementation

  • Eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours
  • Drink plenty of water


  • 2 eggs, a spoonful of almond butter or slice of avocado, 1 cup of oatmeal with applesauce (the best oatmeal is this stuff called McCann’s Steel Cut Oatmeal. You can cook it in advance and store in the fridge). Add apple sauce and cinnamon to improve the taste.)

Snack #1

  • Protein bar


  • Tuna/chicken wrap OR chicken breast with salad

Snack #2

  • Protein shake (mixed with water), protein bar, or apple and almonds


  • Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice, vegetables, salad

Snack #3

  • Optimum Whey Protein shake


  • Creatine
  • L-glutamine
  • CLA
  • Whey protein
  • Multivitamin

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