How to get ripped up in two weeks – For Intermediate & Advanced trainees only


2 Weeks To Go

NO products that have ANY Sugar, Dairy and Wheat, Bread Etc. NO MRP’s (Meal Replacement Powder) that contains any simple carbohydrate and Maltodextrin. This will avoid you looking bloated. No Creatine. Start Tanning. –You will look healthier and more definition will show.

1 Week To Go
Have your last (Lower) body workout seven days before the photo-shoot it will give your legs time to heal & recuperate.

5 Days To Go!
Day 5,4 & 3 before the shoot reduce your Carbohydrate intake to 50g or less (per day) – No carbs after 3 pm (Except Broccoli).

Start lowering SODIUM intake. Too much SODIUM will lead to water retention. Important not to cut out all the SODIUM at once thus will cause Water Retention. Increase Your Cardio Workout to 5 Times a week (High Intensity). Interval training.

4 Days to go for the after photo
Drink at least 3 litre of Distilled water.

3 Days to go for the after photo
Drink at least 2 litre of Distilled water.

Start Loading with Creatine X4.Take 2 Caplets. 3 times a day, 3 days before the shoot. Take in Vitamin B6. (Reduces water retention). Discontinue Tanning.

2 Days To Go
Drink at least 1-1.5 litre of distilled water. 2 Days to go for the after photo – One will increase your carbohydrate intake again- Thus will causes your muscle to overcompensate and retain glycogen inside the muscle. This will make your muscles look stronger and fuller. Perform a light workout in the morning.
No Salt. Use Diuretic Water Relief from any good supplement producer . Take 2 caplets. 3 times a day. Before main meals.

1 Day To Go
Do a light workout the day before the shoot. Drink 500ml to 1litre of Distilled Water. Before Bed, drink 250ml of Red Wine with 50ml Glycerine diluted in distilled water.

When thirsty sip a small amount of water. Eat a small meal consisting of mostly Complex Carbs (Microwaved Sweet Potato or Brown Rice) at least 3 hours before shoot.

Drink WINE/Glycerine Mixture, Pump up before your shoot with pull/ push up or weights exercises. (High Reps, Low Weights).

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