Protein Bar Reviews,Which should I choose?

Confused? Let us give you an unbiased review on the Top 25 Bars. We rate each bar on nutritional profile, taste and overall satisfaction.

What makes a good bar?    What are net carbs?    When to have a bar?

TOP 10


1st: Premier Nutrition Odyssey Bar  10/10

2nd: Universal Nutrition Doctors CarbRite Bar  9.5/10

3rd: Worldwide Sport Pure Protein Bar  8/10

4th: MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Bar  8/10

5th: South Beach Diet Bar  7/10

6th: Premier Health Think Thin Bar  7/10

7th: Designer Whey ONE WAY Bar  8/10

8th: Maximuscle Protein Bar  8/10

9th: Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech Carb Control Bar  7/10

10th: Powerbar – Protein Plus Carb Select  7/10

The Other Contenders


EAS Body-For-Life Bar  7/10

EAS Advantedge Carb Control Bar  6/10

Labrada Lean Body Bar  6/10

ISS OH-YEAH Bar  6/10

Powerbar – Protein Plus  6/10

EAS Myoplex Deluxe  6/10

Snickers Marathon Protein Performance Bar  6/10

Zone Perfect – All Natural Nutrition Bar  6/10

MLO Xtreme Bar 5/10

Nutribar Light on Carbs  5/10

Next Designer Whey Bar  5/10

Chef Jay’s Tri-O-Plex Bar  5/10

Designer Whey Triple Layer Bonanza Bar  5/10

MLO BIO Protein Bar  5/10

Labrada Lean Body Carb Watchers Bar  4/10

The Reviews were conducted by The SixPackNow Team and 200 members. 

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