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My transformation simply would not have been possible without Sixpacknow.com

In my journey to getting my body shredded it’s taken a lot of self motivation, discipline, determination, hard work, balance, consistency, focus, and extra effort to get it where it is now and I know my transformation simply would not have been possible without Sixpacknow.com. When I joined I finally learned how to eat the right way, how to combine exercise and how to get shredded! It’s a fantastic Program that really produces results quickly.

Michael ‘MJ’ Tamondong from San Francisco

With Sixpacknow I accomplished a goal that had evaded me for so long

“All my life I have been after that “Six Pack Ab” look, however I was never fully satisfied. One day I saw Sixpacknow online and decided to try a new approach to achieving my goals, a smart, well customized approach that is. After the first 6 weeks I was having people come up to me and ask me what I was doing as they sure were noticing the amazing changes in my physique, after that I decided to enter a Fitness Model competition. I knew that this was going to be very competitive but I looked amazing and was able to go up against some of the best looking abs in the country and placed high.  With the help of Sixpacknow.com I accomplished a goal that had evaded me for so long. Besides a great looking physique, everyone can expect a boost in confidence, and over all well being.”

Melih from Florida

It’s been life changing and the results I’ll keep for years

“In general I have always been into training ever since my early teens but I was never happy with my body, as I couldn’t reveal my abdominals unless I starved myself. One day I woke up and thought I’m ready to commit 110% to a diet and give my full dedication to a training plan. I just needed some help. I searched through the internet and came across SixPackNow.com.

At first I thought what everybody thinks, that it’s a scam and it cannot be done. But 12 weeks out of some ones life is a drop in the ocean so I thought I’d try it and see what happens. Anyway, after being given a restructured diet and the 12 week muscle plan I think the photos speak for themselves.

I can honestly say that the website is for real, and as long as you are willing to dedicate yourself to their recommendations and put the effort in as you would for your most cherished hobbies, then anything is possible even if you have poor genetics! I’ve never had a visible six pack ever so I walk around during the day with a smile and I am a changed person at work with greater confidence. Give it a try, for me it has been a life changing program and the results I can keep for years!

Anthony, UK

There’s hope for all us older guys, this program works

“At 40 years old I kind of felt like the days of looking great again where long behind me and that getting a great body and more importantly great abs could only be done by those in their teens and twenties, how wrong was I!! My stomach has always been a problem area for me, no matter how often I exercised or dieted the fat just wouldn’t shift and it’s only got harder as I’ve gotten older. The fact is, the SixPackNow Program has dramatically changed this. There is hope for all you older guys out there, this program works! Trust me, I’m proof of that. Thank you SixPackNow.”

Alex, Bronx, NY

In 12 weeks I lost 20 pounds of fat and added muscle

“The SixPackNow Program is amazing! In just 12 weeks I lost about 20 pounds of fat, put on lean muscle, and now approach the 10% body fat range. This is the best I have ever looked in my entire life and every day I look better and better. The SixPackNow Program has also helped lift me out of depression and helped motivate me to do other things. The customer service is top-notch which no other website can compete with. The advice given to me by the online trainer has helped kick-start my metabolism into high gear, and now, without any fat burners, I eat MORE than I used to and continue to lose body fat! I plan on sticking with the program for weeks to come and encourage anybody to try this program.”

Scott, Chicago USA

I am very happy, the program has been great

“Before beginning the SixPackNow Program I used to eat lots of white rice, sweets, cookies, chips and KFC chickens, but now 12 weeks into the program I have been following the advice in my Personalized Training Plan and Diet Program, sticking to the good carbs (avoiding bad carbs), eating food with high protein, drinking green tea and lots of water. I am very happy with my new looks now, the program has been great.”

Shinta, London UK

This is a great program that really works if you commit yourself to it

“I’ve always had a skinny build and desperately wanted to change this, which is why I joined SixPackNow.com back in April of this year. I received my Personalized Plan from the Team which explained everything I needed to do and I also started the 12 Week Lean Muscle Plan on the site. Six weeks later and this is my progress photo, I’m pretty amazed at my results in such a short amount of time and still hope to continue to make even more gains over the coming weeks. This is a great program that really does work if you commit yourself to it.”

Marc, California

It’s amazing how changing your diet can make so much difference

“I always thought I’d be stuck with the way my body looked for the rest of my life, but having embarked on the SixPackNow Program changed everything. I have so much more confidence than ever before and nowadays I can take my shirt off without feeling embarrassed. Watching my body change over the weeks was such a great feeling and it was amazing at how quickly my fat disappeared. The Nutritional Plan that your team designed for me made all the difference. It’s amazing how changing your diet can make so much difference to you physically. Thank you SixPackNow, you’ve changed my life!”

Osvany, Miami, Florida

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