Snickers Marathon Protein Performance Bar

Choc Nut Burst

We all know Snickers make great candy bars, so how do they fair when it comes to a protein/nutrition bar? Pretty good actually! We actually expected to bite into a Snickers bar, but with a slightly different taste and texture, but what we got was something completely different! It actually had a completely different taste, which had very little power or punch. Nutritionally, it’s a good bar, with a slightly above average sugar content, so we’d recommend this more as a meal replacement for hardgainers or muscle gaining trainees.

Nutritional Facts:

Protein = 31g

Total Carbs = 23g

Sugar = 15g

Total Fat = 7g   Saturated Fat = 3.5g

Calories = 290 kcal

For Best Results: As a snack mid morning or mid afternoon. Or good as an after workout replenishment snack. Verdict: Pretty tasteless bar which is both chewy and crunchy. We’d have expected something more tasty from a Snickers Bar. High sugar content too, so this would only be beneficial as a post workout bar.

Taste Test: 5/10

Nutrients Score: 6/10


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