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Get in shape like Cristiano Ronaldo

Wanna trainer like a star footballer? Then read more about Cristiano Ronaldo’s workout. This Portuguese footballer currently plays for Juventus and is the captain of the Portuguese national team. Premier League footballers like him have strict diet and workout regimes that help them stay in top form throughout the season.

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

A typical day of training for a pro footballer is 3-5 hours long and includes:

  • cardio endurance
  • strength training
  • practice matches
  • set play practices

Football requires a high level of athleticism and skills, such as:

  • explosiveness and fast sprinting speed
  • body awareness and spatial awareness
  • muscular endurance (especially in the lower body)
  • good flexibility to prevent injury
  • discipline and teamwork

Sample Diet

  • Breakfast: Wholegrain or Wholewheat Cereal with fruit juice
  • During training: Energy drinks will be consumed
  • Lunch: Chicken or meat with salad, wholewheat pasta, baked potato or vegetables
  • Mid-afternoon: Tuna Roll
  • Dinner: Something very similar to lunch

Interesting facts about pro footballer’s diets

  • Studies show many football players don’t consume nearly enough carbohydrates and start matches with sub-optimal levels (many eat just a little over 1000 calories of carbs per day, while that number should be close to 3000!)
  • This leads to poorer performance in the second half of the match and a reduced ability to sprint and cover distance
  • That’s why consuming glucose in the form of sports drinks is encouraged before and during playtime
  • There are more ways to ensure you’re getting enough carbohydrates before a match: one such technique is called tapering. Tapering consists of reducing the intensity of training a few days before a match and consuming about 10 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight daily
  • Grazing: snacking on high-carbohydrate snacks two to four times per day, in addition to regular meals
  • Football players can lose more than a gallon of liquid through sweating. That’s why proper hydration before, during and after the game is also very important

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