• Advanced/Intermediate Ab Workouts

    We’ve just added a further 55 new ab videos in the Members Area of the site, here are a few demonstration videos put together into some intermediate/advanced ab workouts. Four sets should be performed for each exercise, working to failure.…

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  • Anton Antipov

    Anton Antipov Resides: Brooklyn, New York Age: 21 Height: 5ft 11″ Weight: 170 pounds Favorite Bodypart: Abs! Waist Size: 30″ Body Fat Percentage: 5% Abdominal muscles I would say are probably my strongest body part, and the most visible. I work out my abs…

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  • Protein Bar Reviews,Which should I choose?

    Confused? Let us give you an unbiased review on the Top 25 Bars. We rate each bar on nutritional profile, taste and overall satisfaction. What makes a good bar?    What are net carbs?    When to have a bar? TOP 10…

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  • Abdominal Exercises

    Upper Ab Exercises Take a look at the various Upper Ab exercises, these are just a few of the many exercises featured in the Members Area of the site. Sit Up Butterfly Crunch Crunch Arms Ext. Crunch Swiss Ball Crunch…

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  • Oblique Exercises

    Take a look at the various Oblique exercises, once you have selected three exercises please consult the Set & Rep Chart. Broom Twists Broom Rotations Side Jackknife Oblique Crunch Oblique Variation Double Crunch Swiss Ball Side Reverse Twist Cross Crunch…

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