The Quick & Easy Solution To Get 6 Pack Abs & A Lean Athletic Body

You’re just moments away from discovering how YOU will lose fat & sculpt great abs with our #1 Rated Six Pack Abs System.

In the next 12 Weeks you can expect:

The SixPackNow Program is not like any other standard formatted program you see in magazines, books or dvd’s. Why? Because this program is suited to you as an individual, your body make up, your genetics, your metabolism and your all round characteristics and of course, your goals – It’s Customized. You will have a program designed just for you, by my Expert Training Team to help you achieve the body you want!

Get The Body You Want..In Record Time!

How Do You Get Six Pack Abs?

Lots of crunches and sit ups? A diet of tuna and celery? Nope!

For definition to be noticeable enough so that you can see definition in your abdominals and muscles requires one thing and one thing only – a low body fat percentage, typically 12% or lower. The reason very few of us possess good abs and defined muscles is very obvious, we have too much fat and water weight covering them!

So How Do I Lose This Fat? you may ask. The only effective way to eliminate this body fat is through structured fat burning exercise and a new style of Diet Plan that will speed up your metabolism and get your fat-burning-furnaces firing! Correct diet accounts for as much as 80% in achieving defined abdominals and a trimmer, leaner physique. This saying sums it up perfectly, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”.

12 Weeks of Custom Diet Plans & Menus

You will receive a completely Personalized Diet and Training Plan designed by my expert team. As I have just mentioned, diet is the most significant factor in losing body fat and toning your midsection and the plan we design will come complete with everything from meal plans and choices, exact daily allowances of calories, protein, carbs and fats, advice on the foods you should be cutting out along with information on fat burning techniques and lean muscle building.

Someone To Help & Guide You All The Way!

For the duration of your program you’ll have a Dedicated Trainer to coordinate your Diet and Workout Plans. Your trainer will also be there to answer all your questions. To be your coach, advisor, support-team, and motivator throughout. And to hold you accountable so you don’t stray. One person in constant e-mail contact who will oversee your journey to the fabulous new body you’re about to begin creating!

That’s a massive advantage!

Increase Lean Muscle Growth!

Whilst abs will be at the top of your wish list I’m sure. You may also be looking to add muscle or tone. Therefore, you’ll find I have the perfect Program to incorporate with our Six Pack System.

The Lean Muscle Plan is not designed for building huge bodybuilder sized muscles, it has been developed to appeal more for men and women to gain leaner muscle size whilst keeping body fat levels to a minimum. A ripped, defined, aesthetic physique is what you will achieve with this plan!

Fitness Models Use This System To Get Lean & Ripped!

Your Program will include a Final Cutting Phase which is a 2 Week Strategy that Fitness Models use to get shredded for a Photoshoot. If you’ve seen that ripped, dry look that shows all the muscles then get ready for this to happen to you too.

It’s in these final two weeks is where the magic happens! You’ll see those last stubborn areas of fat diminish, the water weight dry out and your abs and muscles fill out to leave you looking lean and hard. And remember, your plan will include this, day by day, hour by hour, meal by meal!

This Program is the Only ‘Six Pack Abs’ Program You’ll Ever Need.

  • Full Access to the Trainee Portal where you can track yours and other trainees progress, create your own blog, upload photos & videos and interact with other members.
  • 150 Streaming Ab Workout and demonstrational exercise videos
  • Exclusive one-to-one advice + Q & A with top fitness athletes and trainers
  • Plus access to our regular features: Articles, Abs of the Month, Training Advice & Tips, Members Forum, Photo Sections, Online Body Fat Calculator, FAQ Database, Printable Training Sheets, Supplement Advice pages, Monthly Newsletter and much, much more.

Three Bonus Extras When You Join Today

Join today and you’ll have full access to the 80 minute SixPackNow Abs Workout DVD, which you can watch online in our members area. The DVD covers the entire program, from Diet & Nutrition, Supplements, Cardio and Weight Training along with Ab workouts that cover each of the abdominal muscle groups, the uppers, lowers and obliques.

Bonus DVD 2 is Optimum Fitness & Nutrition. This 90 minute DVD covers everything from a fitness models perspective. Hosted by Magazine Cover Model Aric Sudicky, he shares his entire strategy for that ultimate lean body! Another HUGE benefit to You!
Bonus Three!

Get started today and you’ll also have INSTANT ACCESS to my ABS for Life Manual. This 260 digital PDF book is your total solution for a lean, sexy body and of course great abs! No stone is left unturned with the manual, it extensively covers every single aspect.

Including: Nutrition and Supplementation, Weights and Cardio, Ab Workouts and Exercises, Ways to reduce water retention and report on How to get ripped for a vacation! The book has everything on Abs and Fat Loss.

Transform Your Body Now. Results Are Guaranteed!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a new body and abs to gain. If you don’t decide to take up this opportunity, unfortunately you will be resigned to looking the way you do. Ask yourself, do you really want that?  You want change right? You need that Expert Help and Guidance to get you there? You need a Guarantee that you will see results?


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