What are DVD Resell Rights?

DVD Resell Rights simply mean that you are buying the “rights” or “license” to sell the DVD as your own product and keep 100% of the profits.  

Fitness DVD Resell Rights are NOT….. 

– an affiliation program that you have to share profit with.

– a Multi-level marketing to make cold calls

– a franchise that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.     

Fitness DVD resell rights allow you to only pay ONCE and you can sell as many fitness DVD’s as you want for as long as you live and keep all the profits!! 

Having realized that there are people like yourself who want to have their own DVD products to sell but because of time and costs involved in producing such a DVD you’re aware that it’s just too much of an outlay.

So I decided to do the next best thing for you and that is to create the Fitness DVD for you!

You can literally own your own fitness DVD product in just a few minutes and start telling people about your new product and start raking in the sales. Now, note this is not super easy, although it really doesn’t take the brains of a rocket scientist to produce. There are so many ways you can sell this DVD. It just needs a bit of thinking!

To show you the massive savings you will make with my Re-Sell Rights, please take a look at the costs typically involved in producing such a DVD. 

Here’s how much it cost me to create one DVD… 

Videographer & Equipment Hire – $3,750

Video editor- $3,497.

DVD Graphic designer- $450

Website designer – $680

Total Cost: $7,352  (UK: £4,456)

And that’s just the money that was spent on production costs…

That did not include the time and effort it took to shoot all the footage and fees for location and model hire!  

Let’s move backward for a second.  Let’s say that you are doing everything yourself.  You will film yourself, edit the video, design the graphics, and design the website; how much time do you think that will eat up?  A week?  A month?  Maybe a few months?  (and that is if the quality is good enough).

If you are worth $50 per session but it took you over a month to create your own fitness DVD, how much money did you just waste?  Maybe $5,000 to $10,000.

Personally, I would rather pay a small one time fee and have a fitness DVD product that I can sell right away.   But why sell fitness DVDs?

With many people looking for quality information these days on the Internet, the way to really stick out and get noticed is to create information products that carry a HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE.

Let’s face it, E-books are great and easy to sell but everyone sells them.  DVDs on the other hand not only carry more value in the eyes of the consumers, but you can charge more money for them too!

What do I have to do to get the Fitness DVD Resell Rights so I can start profiting right now and how much is it going to cost me?

Realizing that creating DVDs cost money and time that many people simply don’t have a lot of; I decided to go ahead and offer the resell rights to my new DVD for only a small fraction of what it cost to produce them. Again it cost over $7,000 to produce the DVD but right now you can acquire your own DVD to sell for only $700.

That’s right for 10% of the cost it normally would be for you to do all the work yourself, you will be able to have your very own fitness product that you can sell to start raking in tons of cash!!  Are you up for the challenge?

Remember, this is a product that you can sell FOREVER.  It is only a small ONE-TIME FEE and you can sell as many DVDs as you want.  You can even pass it down to your kids.  

The Retail price of is DVD ranges from $19-$35 (You can sell for how much you like though).  Sell only 28 copies and you’ve already made your money back!  After that, it’s sheer profit.  All the profits go straight in your pocket.  Just sell another 20 copies and you just made $500.  There is No Monthly Royalty Fee and No Hidden Costs. 

Did you know, over 65% of adults worldwide are considered overweight or obese.  There are over 5 BILLION people in the world and Fitness DVD’s are one of the biggest selling products online! Do you think that you can sell one fitness DVD per day online or offline?

Let’s do some more math.

This is the kind of money that you can make selling fitness DVD’s at a $25 retail price. Let’s say you get 100 DVD’s duplicated (I can give you some great contacts to get your DVD’s duplicated for less than $1.50 per DVD!), so this gives you a $23.50 profit on each sale.

Please, keep in mind that this not a get rich quick scheme.  It requires effort to sell fitness DVD’s.  Do NOT expect someone to suddenly knock on your door ready to give you money.  You’ll need to put some effort into marketing and selling the product. Remember, you can sell for a price of your choosing. This is a HIGH VALUE Product and you could easily sell for much more than I suggested above.

What would you do with that kind of money?  

All the profits you make are all yours.  As you can see, the profit margin is HIGH.  If you want to buy a nice car, then you can. If you want to live mu more comfortably, you can!  If you want to have nicer vacations, then you can.  I made a lot of money online selling fitness information and I am here to help you do the same.  

The beauty about selling fitness DVDs is that you can make money working from home in your underwear! Once you create a system that works for you, you can literally make money anywhere, anytime.  That is the beauty about the internet lifestyle.  Be your own boss and follow by your own rules.  All you need is a product to sell and the willingness to learn basic marketing.  You can sell on Ebay, a website you may already have or can create, in newspapers or magazines, in classifieds, or even to gym friends, colleagues or family members! There really are some many possibilities. If you run a gym or fitness club, this could be a great way to earn some extra cash!!

If you are ready to enter the internet lifestyle selling fitness products, then this is your chance.  I will only sell 20 licenses for the DVD.  Once I sell 20, then the resell rights will be removed from the market. Selling for this product is beginning here on Ebay, the 20 licenses are here, so be the first to get selling!

The reason why I want to keep the DVD Resell Rights licenses to a minimum is because I DO NOT want the market to be too competitive.   I want YOU to have a fighting chance to make some serious money selling this great fitness DVD.  The truth is your success is my success because if you make money selling this, then I am sure that you will want to consider my next DVD too!  

I’m standing by to mail out your Re-Sell Copy so you can start selling immediately.

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